Retro Food Processor


The Retro Food ProcessorWhere mmm moments begin

The Retro Food Processor

Colour Variants

Whizz up a show-stopping ice cream. Blitz some veg quick. Whatever classic you’re cooking up, do it in style with our Retro Food Processor

Rediscover a new classic

A blast from the past

Recreate some diner style over dinner prep with this vintage looking food processor

Get into the detail

Explore more of the Retro Food Mixer’s features

2 speeds plus a pulse setting

Find the perfect speed for prepping every type of food

2.3L bowl with 1.7L capacity

Plenty of room to whip up a feast for the full house

RPM gauge

Keeping an eye on the speed is a pleasure with its retro gauge


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Nutty Apple Crumble

Here’s a dessert you’ll want to keep all to yourself, but it’s best shared with custard

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Hearty Beef Stew

Combat those cold winter nights with a ladle or two of this rich and meaty dish

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Homemade Hummus

Packed full of garlic and chickpea loveliness, this taste bud tantalising Homemade Hummus recipe is ideal for sharing

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